post #0 - from unknown to unforgettable

post #0 - from unknown to unforgettable

hey kween, welcome to the kick off of "the chronicles of kweenie". where i kweenie invite you to join me on the ride of grit & grind to reach glory in the art game, going from obscurity to infamy? (well actually maybe i’ll settle for just a wee bit famous)

so, what's this all about? well, picture this (first bad pun of the blog): a budding artist (that's me btw) armed with brushes, paint, paper, glue & a hunger for success, setting out to conquer the art world one stroke at a time. yep, that's pretty much the gist of it – sounds easy right?

"i pretty much became a girl boss overnight!"

but let's back up a bit. who am i? i'm just your average gal with big dreams & an even bigger determination to make them a reality. my name's kweenie, & due to a series of unique events, that i never saw coming in a million years, i pretty much became a girl boss overnight!

so now it’s time to shake things up, challenge the status quo, & maybe, just maybe, leave a mark on the world that'll have people talking for centuries to come – cue dramatic music

now, you might be wondering what sets "the chronicles of kweenie" apart from the other, like a bazillion, art blogs out there? well, for starters, i'm not afraid to keep it real!

"expect 100% straight talk"

don’t be expecting your granny’s art blog filled with pretentious musings & highfalutin language & critiques. instead expect 100% straight talk of real stories navigating the shark infested waters & algorithms of self-promotion, & real struggles like mastering the fine art of website design (spoiler alert: it's harder than it looks), to dodging haters & slaying deadlines

i'll be sharing all the ups, downs, & everything in between as i claw my way to the top, literally!

but it’s not all about me – i want to hear from you! whether you're a fellow artist looking for a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically speaking, of course) or a potential collector itching to get your hands on some one-of-a-kind artwork, i want to hear your thoughts, your questions, & maybe even your unsolicited advice (hey, i'm not proud – i'll take what i can get)

"straight up terrifying journey"

so, consider this your official invitation to join me on this crazy, mental, & at times straight up terrifying journey. whether you're here for the art, the laughs, or just to watch me make a total dick of myself (hey, no judgement), i'm buzzin' to have you along for the ride

right, now I need to actually go make artwork or otherwise this blog is pointless

stay classy (praying you get that i'm channelling my best Ron Burgundy here!)

you love, bye


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