Collection: the whole line up...

the whole line up – "this collection literally includes the whole line up by me, kweenie! in here you can find all my current collections, which are an eclectic mix of urban pop art & vibrant colour. each collection tells its own story of resilience & strength, get ready to: be empowered by “heavy is the head”, be won over with the floral beauty of “something on my mind”, be taken back in time by the retro charm & iconic Hollywood glamour of “divinity”, question what you actually see in the "we see you" collection, get excited about the hidden idol identities & bold patterns of “obscurity” or simply indulge in them all in my “kweenie fine art prints”

each one of my unique pop art mashups in every collection is made using a layered collage of transferred photos, paint, spray paint & also in many you can even find a hint of gold leaf, adding a wee touch of glamour. whether you love the playful charm of pop art or the sophistication of fine art, i kweenie offer something for every taste & style

so if you're looking to infuse your walls with fresh, edgy vibes & vibrant personality, you're in the right place. let's bring your walls to life & let them party with art that speaks volumes!" kx 

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