Collection: divinity collection...

come see me in the paint...

yes it's true you can view my "divinity collection" up close & personal for the very first time in real life!

from march 15th to may 25th my original "divinity" & "obscurity" collections are being exhibited @MADEinSTIRLINGstore as part of the 2024 Spring Editions

go on take a peek, you know you want to...

divinity - “is my collection, where bold iconic portraits radiate a divine aura & Hollywood glamour. these painted collages redefine wall art with their killer gold Virgin Mary style halos creating a quirky, feisty, & cool urban vibe. it's like street art meets divine intervention

Audrey, Elizabeth, Dorothy & Marilyn; these kweens aren't just faces – they're symbols of power & rebellion, ready to take on the world. & those gold leaf halos? they're like a shout-out to their iconic status, a reminder to always keep it real. whether you hang them solo, mix & match or scoop up all four to recreate the lyrics “fuck you i won’t do what you tell me” from Rage Against the Machine’s iconic track “killing in the name” these badass collage paintings are bound to start a conversation!

why should you or your walls conform? add the urban edge to your space" kx

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