what hair dye do you use?

what? are you kiddin’ me, i’m rockin’ what mother nature gave me! well that’s what i’m telling you anyway, cause truth be told i can’t spell the name of the brand

who are these kweens you're on about?

my kweens are a special breed: they belt it out like nobody's listening, they show love to their people, they go all in living their best lives, they stand up for what's right, they play it tight with their secrets, they shake their booties like nobody's judging, but above all, they get that you only live once so you might as well live it to the max!

how do i become a kween?

well it’s a VIP club with tons of perks but since you're cool, i'll let you in on the secret. just hit me up with your name & email, & i'll hook you up with an exclusive invite that way you will be on the list & you will be getting in. trust me, you don't want to pass this up!

tell me about your prints?

all kweenie fine art prints are printed using the freshest high tech Giclée print method

they are printed to order on the beautiful but not so easy to say or type, for that matter, Hahnemühle German etching paper

this paper is a real sustainable superstar, produced from 100% FSC certified forests. it's got a velvety matte surface that's optimised for high-contrast fine art prints - so just perfect for your kweenie. it's got that natural, warm vibe, free from funky brightening agents, it won't age a day & wait for it, it's only freakin' vegan - i know right!?

you can also chose to have your kweenie fine art print framed in an expertly handmade, 100% FSC certified, ethically sourced satin finished 3/4"/2cm frame, this is all topped with a perspex glaze, keeping your kweenie snug as a bug. why no glass i hear you say? well no one needs the drama of broken glass & this perspex is museum grade - nothing but the best for my kweens & finally guess what? it's all ready to hang so all you fabulous kweens have to do is pop it on the wall & revel in it's beauty - sweet!

all original kweenie's & limited edition fine art prints come with my certificate of authenticity certifying my work as a 100% legit kweenie – you’re welcome!

what about a wee commission?

i do take on commissions to create customs kweenie's. i can’t guarantee to take on every commission as they are a massive commitment but as they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get! hit me up on my contact page to pop the question...

will i get stung for huge delivery costs?

as i ship all over the shop various shipping rates apply depending on where you’re at


but wait for it, for a limited time only it's absolutely GRATIS in the UK, yep you read right delivery is FREE, zip, nowt, nada in the UK, paid for courtesy of kweenie

rest of the world

if you live anywhere outside the UK then please click here for the lowdown on delivery costs

how are my kweenie's packed & shipped?


unframed fine art prints usually sized 8" & smaller are sealed up tight in a sleeve backed with a recycled hard backing board. they are then wrapped & posted in a recycled rigid envelope to make sure they arrive with you as fresh as the day they were printed

unframed fine art prints usually larger than 8", will be wrapped & rolled in a recycled rigid spiral-wound cardboard tube with wee recycled plastic end caps but don't worry they are just as minty fresh as the smaller prints

framed fine art prints come wrapped up all tight like a mummy in a hardcore rigid corrugated cardboard box, that is, of course, made from recycled materials

original kweenie's come ready for royals, all packed up snug as a bug but not in a rug, instead they come sealed up tight in an abundance of recycled newsprint & hardcore recycled cardboard - you might even be lucky & get a cereal packet that i ate my breakfast from! they are then wrapped & posted in a recycled rigid envelope to make sure they arrive with you as fresh as the day they were created

all limited edition fine art prints & original kweenie's come with my certificate of authenticity certifying my work as a 100% legit kweenie – you’re welcome!


‘cause i want you to enjoy your kweenie as soon as is humanly possible all print orders are shipped within 5 days of purchase

kweenie’s are worth the wait! originals & framed prints may take a tad longer as they are framed to order locally but i do my absolute best to ship within 10 days.

if there is no sign of your beloved kweenie after 21 days then hit me up on my contact page & i’ll get on it

as i ship all over the shop various shipping rates apply depending on where you’re at, it's absolutely FREE in the UK but please click here for the lowdown on the rest of the world

what about refunds & returns?

fully intact?

it’s never happened before but i’m all about keeping my kweens happy, so your satisfaction is my mission. if you contact me within 7 days & your kweenie hasn’t been opened then i’ve got your back with a full refund

not so intact?

if you opened it, but you still have the packaging then it's a partial refund coming your way

just keep in mind that either way, the shipping & insurance costs land with you. oh, & make sure to send it back tracked & in the original packaging with your proof of purchase please


i guarantee that my art is top-notch, so if you get a package that's been trashed by the mail system, snap a pic of the damage in all it’s gruesomeness, hit me up within 48hrs on my contact page & i’ll get on the case

sale, prints & custom made kweenie's

it's super important to note that i don't accept returns on any sale items & because fine art prints & custom made kweenie's are made especially just for you & no one else but you i can't accept any returns on these kweenie's either

how did you get to be mother earth's bestie?

original artwork materials?

all created using a mixture of recycled canvas, paper & vintage paper, you might even be lucky & get a BOGOF, check out the reverse side of your original - surprise!


all kweenie's are packaged using recycled packaging materials, you might even be lucky & get a cereal packet that I ate my breakfast from wrapped around your wee kweenie!

frames for prints?

expertly handmade by specialist picture framers, from eco-friendly materials that are ethically sourced from FSC approved forests.


& when it comes to my Giclée fine art prints well I just happen to roll with a company who are global but print local, so this totally reduces carbon emissions from the get go. the inks are water based & wait for it the paper is not only gorgeous it's archival museum grade Hahnemühle german etching paper, that's 100% FSC certified & you are never going to believe this it's freakin' vegan, like seriously!

boom I 💚 you mother earth!

who's got the artwork rights?

i “kweenie” keep all the rights to the art i make, including pics of stuff that's sold or custom-made. i can make prints of any artwork, even if the OG is sold. but sorry kweens you can never copy it, that would be an act of treason. if my art finds it’s way into a magazine or other publication in print or online then the right thing to do, would be to give me “kweenie” the credit. remember karma is a bitch!

what about a kween's privacy?

this stuff is like gold dust these days, read here how I keep yours on the down low

what about the nitty gritty t&c's?

this is where it gets very business like, read my full t&c's here