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post #1 - OK so i lied but...

well so did the BBC & i might consider suing! 

in a previous missive to my VIP kweens i may have stated "as your royal artist, i spend my days... colours swirling, paper & glue all over the shop, music blaring, & brushes cutting shapes on the canvas." well erm that's not strictly true, well it's not my current reality anyway! 

"my ass is literally growing in size"

instead, my eyeballs are sweatin' & my ass is literally growing in size as i slave away on my laptop, munchin' way too many sweeties, whilst getting my artwork ready for my very first print drop of official eco-friendly certified prints of kweenie originals. girl, it's a tricky job 

so, you may be asking kweenie what are you on about "the BBC lied"? well they did a series a while back called "what do artists do all day?" & i can tell you they never even gave a whiff of the sh*t i'm having to do right now. it was all "ladeedah art, ladeedah exhibit, ladeedah daling" let me tell you there is no ladeedah in all this tech stuff just flippin' hard work! 

all will be worth it in the end i'm sure (she says crossing her fingers & toes, & praying to the god she hopes exists to get her through this) 

"what's making your eyeballs sweat?"

you can follow more of my eyeball sweatin' & ass growing here in my kingdom on instagram or comment below & tell me what's making your eyeballs sweat (may be opening myself up to all manner of stuff here - but what the hey!) 

keep your sweaty eyeballs on your inbox on Wednesday 6th of March for your pre-drop VIP access before all the other mere mortals. not a VIP kween? then click here for your coronation & bag 15% off your first official kweenie 

full public release of kweenie fine art prints will happen bang on time for International Women’s Day – Friday 8th March, you're welcome! 

"clock is tickin' kweenie"

right the clock is tickin' kweenie get your ever growing sluggish royal ass in gear & get techin' many, many more prints to get ready... 

love you bye


PS things i’ve learned despite the BBC’s despicable deception: 

  1. being an artist means being your own boss – magic!
  2. full time artist means creating maybe 30% of the time, the rest is getting down to business
  3. i’ve got a lot to learn, but i'm lovin’ it
  4. i need to get my eating habits in check, should probably fill the sweetie jar with carrot sticks from now on, to stop the expansion of my ass...


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