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post #2 - no shit, Les Mills might have changed my life...

no, fear not you are in the right blog but possibly not the title you were expecting in an artist's blog but let me explain. you might want a cup of cocoa for this one or something stronger to get you through it! 

i recently had a strange series of events, however unlike Lemony Sniket these have been fortunate events, thankfully! 

so, i was at my weekly Les Mills balance class (other fitness classes are available) to zen my mind, when leaving i met a friend i hadn’t seen for a wee while & she asked me what the rest of my day looked like. i had the courage to say that i would be working on my business as i was now a full-time artist. her reply “no fricken way that’s awesome, what’s your insta?” 

"i am now the kween of insta"

given that i am now the kween of insta since starting in January 2024 – NOT! & even know that a “handle” is not just something used to stop your mug of tea from burning your hands, i smugly obliged 


she was like “whoa I love this, you would be perfect for my new project!” 

i say “how so?” 

“well you have years of teaching experience & i want you to come talk to my youth groups about further education in the creative industries” 

me “eek ok lets do it” 

she says “i’ll DM you, see you later bye!” 

now previously i would have been terrified & thought that DM might mean i would get a kicking with a pair of Dr Martins but now thanks to my online course PIP with Amanda Heath Art i know it means direct message - phew! 

roll on Monday i get a DM (with no kicking) “want to meet for coffee tomorrow?” 

me “sure do kx”

"fancy a party on Friday night?"

my friend works for Creative Stirling (creative agency with charity status) so i go to meet her for coffee, i pop into the commercial/retail side of the business aka Made in Stirling & wait for her, where i bump into another friend the manager of Made in Stirling, his opening line “fancy a party on Friday night?” 

me “is there free wine, then absolutely” 

he says, “always when it’s an opening daling, anyway what you up to?” 

me “waiting for Sam” 

him “no ya eeijt what you doing these days?” 

me “oh full-time artist” 

him “really, lemme see your stuff?” 

me “ok, this is my website” - just so you know in the past i would have never said what i was doing or even dared show anyone my work, i was a total woose! but now i'm realising that has to all change & fast! 

reaction: jaw drops “no fucking way, where the fuck have you been hiding all this, ya wee hussy!”, ”wanna be in our exhibition, it’s hanging tomorrow & opening on Friday?” 

me “what, like really, for real?” 

him “do i look like i’m joking you are exactly what i need to bring in new work & a different perspective, bring the work in this afternoon & we can pick what goes up” 

"i'd put your work on every wall..."

he then pranced (not even joking) around the exhibition space flinging himself against walls saying “you could go here, or here, or here, fuck i’d put your work on every wall if i could!” 

Sam appeared & we went for coffee & i signed up to do some sessions with her youth groups - PAID! & she is talking about all future ventures we can make together, so EXCITED! 

i then ran home (literally) grabbed my portfolio case, ran back to Made in Stirling, work got selected, i ran home again, shopped for frames, framed work till 2am & recorded the work in progress thanks to Bella Foxwell’s top tip of “record what you are doing from various angles for your socials” - total sweaty mess but i did it - mostly. 

"anyone else got an Aladdin's cave of art shit?" 

up at 7am to shower cause i was stinkin’, phoned my local framer for some bigger mounts to be cut (they were just a bit beyond me & my trusty wee scalpel & I couldn’t find my mount cutter - anyone else got an Aladdin’s cave of art shit that you can never find what you’re looking for in it, especially if you’re in a frantic rush?, anyway sorry i digress) 

12pm tuned in live to “Elle - The Ecommerce Assistant” session on PIP (which was fricken epic btw - love her) picked up the mounts at 2pm, framed some more (mini dust flecks & dog hairs are the bane of my fecking life - you feel me?), delivered the work to Made in Stirling & by 5pm they were on the wall & the exhibition opens tonight - Friday, i even posted updates on socials - wtaf just happened!? 

"thank God for the lure of free prosecco!"

so now i need to go shower & wash my boggin’ hair ready to greet the public at the opening. & that’s my next hurdle, showing my coupin in public alongside my work, thank God for the lure of free Prosecco! 

tune in next time to see if i put my big girl pants on & actually show face... 

love you, bye 


PS things I’ve learned from this: 

  1. don’t be afraid to tell people you are an artist
  2. say yes if your gut tells you to
  3. one thing leads to another
  4. i’m done with frames, dust flecks & dog hairs - need to seriously think about how to present my work with way less hassle & that won't turn my stress-o-meter into a Richter scale reading


Spring Edition's 2024 on @MADEinSTIRLINGstore 13th March - 29th April

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Well done Kelly. You go girl..and let your star shine. You’re such an inspiration.

Allison Halligan

OMG I love this. You go girl. World domination for Kweenie. X

Sandra Ord

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