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in the pink - classic kweenie postcard

in the pink - classic kweenie postcard

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kweenie postcards think of this as my free gift to you – you're welcome! 

each postcard is a miniature kweenie work of art, from my collections;heavy is the head. "we see you" & something on my mind, why not frame it up, instantly upping the cred of your walls? 

i’ve done my bit by creating the art the rest is up to you kween, enjoy! 

postcard low down

kweenie 4"x6" (10cm x15cm) postcards are printed on the best high-quality premium 400gsm paper which is, wait for it, duplex gloss laminated!

all kweenie postcards are made from materials from FSC certified sources & can be completely recycled. although why would you want to compost it, when you could frame it & hang it on your wall - BOOM instant wall art, right there!

refunds & returns

it's super important to note that i don't accept returns or give refunds on postcards

eco vibes

you know that i kweenie am besties with mother earth so why would my postcards be anything else but eco friendly?

when it comes to my kweenie postcards well i just happen to roll with a company who are global but print local, so this totally reduces carbon emissions from the get go. the inks are water based & wait for it the card is not only gorgeous it's premium 400gsm paper which is also duplex gloss laminated, that's 100% FSC certified, completely recyclable & you are never going to believe this it's also freakin' vegan, like seriously!

boom I 💚 you mother earth!

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    "’s not very often you have the opportunity to own a piece of art you can identify with... will certainly be adding to my collection of Kweens!...”

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  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Just had to send you some feedback... quality of the piece is amazing and I'm so pleased with it... fits so well with my decor and style... I love..."

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  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    " is absolutely fabulous. The process was super simple and quick, I would highly recommend... definitely be purchasing from kweenie again..."

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    "I managed to get my hands on a cheeky wee artists proof totally slays and I can’t stop staring at it on my wall, kweenie you are incredible!..."

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